Cianureto de Potássio

One day I’ve decided to taste everything. Well, almost everything. Now I’m a 25 years old Magician and Clown from Brazil. Don’t ask me why these two things are related. They just are.

I live by myself with my two cats in a tiny little apartment in front of the ocean and I really love to host people, but unfortunately I don’t have a couch, a mattress or anything, so hosting situation is on hold right now.
I’ll fix this situation in a while, I promise. But it wouldn’t help anyway right now, because I’m not home for a while…

Right now I’m in Europe, traveling by railways and trying to discover a bit more about myself, the world, life, universe and everything else.
No, not trying. Doing.
Do or do not, there’s no try.

I was in an exchange program in Moscow for the last two months and the second part of my journey has just began. Three more girls just joined me on this adventure and we still don’t know where exactly we’re going to. The only thing we’re sure is that we’re going ahead.
We are two brazilians, one russian and one macedonian. I think this will be the most freaking awesome experience of my whole life. But I hope not, actually. ‘Cause there’s much more to come in the years ahead…

I also study languages and now I’m in sort of a self-proclaimed mission: to learn as many as possible and find the links between them.
I already can speak television english, argentinian spanish, lousy french and pseudo-russian. I also can pretend I understand italian and a bit of romanian (by hanging my head at the proper moments) and curse in all these languages plus finnish, german, and maybe 2 or 3 more. Quite impressive, huh?

Still not all about me, but I guess I’m done writing for now.


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